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Blanket Fort

Indoor play building a blanket fort.  Little M loves the thrill off building a fort and then snuggling up inside with her soft toys.  She enters a world of imagination and comfort often reading to her favorite stuffed tiger or playing make belief.  She has creative 'license' to use whatever she wants in the house to [...]

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Lego Party Ideas

Little M and Big Y were recently invited to a Lego party.  I was secretly looking forward to it more than they were.  From my previous Lego post you will remember that Lego is one of my 'go to' activities and my favourite gift to give.  For the Lego party the  hostess converted her living [...]

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Back to School Routines

Many families across the globe are starting a new school year and are facing the back to school routines.  Mornings can be a time of panic and I have realised no matter how much planning and preparation is involved; morning meltdowns are always lurking behind the front door.  The last 10 minutes before trying to get [...]

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Letter Formation Printable Worksheets

Get your child to form letters correctly from the get go.  It is important for the letter to look clear and legible and also equally important that the child learns to start and stop the letter construction at the correct point.  This will make it easier in the long term for fluent and efficient handwriting.  Here [...]

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Chalkboard or Whiteboard or Tablet

The traditional slate chalkboard makes me think immediately of Little House on the Prairie and the original method of teaching letter and number and number formation.  In our age of technology; schools have invested in white boards and tablets in the classroom.  White boards are easier to clean and both the white board and tablet provide the child with an alternative way of [...]