Rock Climbing

Big Y is 7 and currently required to produce larger amounts of handwriting in the classroom for literacy.  The frustration often for children at this age is that they cannot write down their thoughts as fast as they are thinking it and the requirement to write neatly often falls by the wayside as they frantically scribble down their thoughts.  One of the things that you can do to support your child at this age with handwriting is to take him rock climbing. Hmmm!! So what does rock climbing have to do with handwriting?

  1. Rock Climbing is ideal for a core workout.  Building on core muscles will help your child sit upright at the table for longer periods of time.  As your child progresses from one year to the next, he is moving less within the classroom environment and needed to maintain good posture for extended periods of time.  Strong core muscles will help support a good sitting posture.  Good sitting posture helps improve focus and attention because the ribcage is ‘open’ and allows for better inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide.  An upright sitting posture also gets the visual system in the optimal position for table top activities.
  2. Rock Climbing requires pulling your body weight upwards.  This strengthens the muscles around the shoulder.  Strong muscles and stable shoulder joint results in more control when writing across the page.
  3. Rock Climbing strengthens the hand muscles because a tight firm grip is needed  to pull upward.  Strong hand muscles mean a firm comfortable grip and also means better writing endurance.  So your child will be able to hold the pencil in a comfortable grip for longer periods of time without getting tired.

Big Y is looking forward to another rock climbing experience.  Find an indoor climbing centre closest to you.  I would look out for well trained staff, a centre with all the necessary equipment and one that provides clubs and walk in sessions for all ages and levels.  Local playgrounds are now incorporating rock climbing into the equipment.

Key Areas developed:

Take your child Rock Climbing to help improve their speed and endurance for handwriting.

Rock Climbing builds on

  • core stability,
  • shoulder stability and
  • hand strength
  • motor planning

All off which feed into handwriting.  Remember you don’t have to sit at the table with pen in hand to improve handwriting.

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