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The contrast of chalk on black paper is a great medium for artwork. However it can look a bit messy and with kids can become frustrating if the chalk smudges as in the picture.


A good solution to this is to soak the chalk in sugar water for a couple of hours. For this you will need a quarter of a cup of sugar and one cup of water.



My top handwriting tip for this task would be to break the chalk into small pieces. This will encourage your child to hold the chalk with the tips of their finger and is good for hand strength and dexterity.


What is great with this is that the chalk doesn’t smudge after and the colour of the chalk becomes brighter. If you want to keep the picture and frame it then spray it with hairspray for it to set and stay.


Key Areas developed:

    • Finger Dexterity
    • Hand Eye Coordination – Visual Motor Skills

This activity helps with handwriting by improving finger dexterity which makes it easier to form letters and numbers.  Drawing builds on hand eye coordination also known as visual motor skills.  This will make it easier for your child to visualise and reproduce letters and numbers accurately.


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