Who Am I?


Hi, I am Nazrana Mulla; blogger to HandRighting, a website for those who engage with children.  HandRighting is a platform to spread awareness that handwriting is more than getting a child to hold a pencil correctly and brings with it a multitude of skills that work together. From core muscle strengthening to the position of the thumb  … each element plays a role in bringing pen to paper. Many of the posts will have little to do with sitting the child at the table with pencil in hand and more to do with fun developmental activities that feed into the multi dimensional skill of handwriting.  The activities covered in this blog are great for developing a range of skills across your child’s daily life.

My inspiration comes from activities I do with my kids, Little M and Big Y as well as from my profession as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist.  Many of the strategies and activities I have successfully used in the past are reflected in this blog.  From this an APP called HandRight was born which ties in all the ideas and activities from my experience with developing functional handwriting.

My passion for early years development led me to obtaining a Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. I have always been drawn to the challenge of every child reaching their potential and have enjoyed empowering parents with skills and knowledge. I am lucky to have worked in a number of settings which include grassroots South Africa, home visits in the beautiful landscape of the Republic of Ireland and in clinics and homes in London.  My nomadic life has brought me to the beautiful city of Cape Town which the kids and I are currently calling home.

I look forward to your visits to my site; as well as your comments and questions.

– Nazrana x

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