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A trip to Wilkinsons for cleaning products often turns into a craft finding hunt.  Although the cleaning product aisle is a few rows down, the magnetic force of the arts, crafts and stationery section is often too strong and overwhelming.  On this trip I found these adorable ladybird board pins and was thinking of reasons why I could take it home with me.  Wasn’t too long before I spotted the cute sized cork boards …

Board Pins

Learning how to form letters in the correct sequence is important.  It will help your child form letters faster and eventually write words and sentences more efficiently.  This letter formation activity is a nice way of reinforcing the sequence of forming specific letters.

Board pins letter formation

I drew a large letter in chalk.  Little M needed to follow the chalk line with the ladybird pins in the correct direction.  Obvious precaution is to make sure they are careful with placing the pins and that the back of the cork board is hidden.

Board Pins Letter Formation

The size of the pins and the grip around the ladybird encourages a lovely three finger grasp which is great for Helpful Hands

Board Pins Letter Formation

The end product shows off a great 3D letter that Little M could trace over again with her index finger.  3D letters reinforce I See You by forming an imprint in the child’s brain which will make it easier for Little M to visualise the letter without a visual reinforcement.

Board Pins Letter Formation 

Key Areas developed:

    • Finger Dexterity
    • Perceptual Skills
    • Letter Formation

This activity helps with handwriting by improving finger dexterity which makes it easier to form letters and numbers and the activity helps to improve perceptual skills which will make it easier for your child to visualise and reproduce letters and numbers accurately.

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