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Little M and Big Y were recently invited to a Lego party.  I was secretly looking forward to it more than they were.  From my previous Lego post you will remember that Lego is one of my ‘go to’ activities and my favourite gift to give.  For the Lego party the  hostess converted her living area into a Lego cave with masses of Lego spread across a blanket.  The kids were encouraged to build around prompts and collaborated with each other to build using their imagination.

Lego Party

Did you know that the name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.  The kids “played well” for just over an hour without being distracted by the call of party food or swimming … which proves why this construction toy was named – “Toy of the Century”.



The hostess had my heart as soon as I saw signs in her home of crafting with her boys.  Her cute little Hama Bead coasters are my inspiration for a future post.  Check out some of the crafty Lego Party Ideas this school mum got up to with the Lego theme she carried through in her party decorations. From amazing Lego decorated cake, to Lego shaped ice cubes, Lego bunting to Marshmallow Lego Heads … It was Legotastical!!

Lego shaped ice cubes

Marshmallow Lego Heads

Lego Banting

Lego Cake Decoration

Lego Cake    

Key Areas developed when playing with Lego:

Visual Figure Ground: Looking for pieces in the pile.

Visual Spatial Awareness: placing the pieces in the same position as seen in the instructions.

Visual Motor Integration: The information going in through the eyes needs to interpret the instructions (perceptual) and the output is the hands (motor) need to replicate this interpretation to match.

Hand Strength and Finger Dexterity: this is needed to fit the pieces strategically together

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