Swing Squirt Fun

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With this activity you need swings…

Add Kids

Add a couple of kids who have used the words ‘I’m Bored’ …

Spray Bottle

Fill up a spray bottle …

Squirt 1

One child swings … The other child aims at swinging feet and squirts … This results in giggles and wet fun.


When one child loses interest don’t be surprised if the child on swing takes over squirting his own feet!!


Be careful though… child might turn on annoying camera person …

Key Areas developed:

    • Core Stability
    • Hand Strength

The swing is a popular playground equipment recommended by occupational therapy for core stability.  The swing encourages your child to use his core muscles especially with the back and forth action of pumping himself on the swing.

The squeeze action of a spray bottle strengthens the muscles of the hand especially those important for holding a writing tool comfortably.  This activity comes with high fun and giggles factor.

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